I'm Yu-Ching Lin.

Currently work remotely at Ubiqconn based in Taipei.

The reason that I love UX is that it requires many considerations. In this role, I need to review every aspect of each project thoroughly, which helps cultivate open-mindedness and tolerance of failures. With each completed project, my thinking process improves.

I was born and raised in Taiwan with a great zeal for exploring the world. I enjoy working with a combination of elements when solving problems or creating user-centered designs. Personally, I appreciate designs that demonstrate simplicity, clarity and profoundness.

Résumé Linkedin

UX Research
Interaction Design
Data Analysis (R, SPSS)
Front-end Development (CSS, VueJS)
Reading Books / Writing / Cats & Dogs / Photography / Minimalism
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My recent book collection and reading notes are in Yu-Ching Lin's Bookshelf.

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